Using A Pressure Cooker For Canning

Using A Pressure Cooker For Canning

Using pressure cooker for canning

What Is Canning?

First of all, I am shortly briefing you a bit about the canning process, which will help you select a better canner or pressure cooker. 

Canning is the process of sterilizing the food. In simple words, canning is the process of preserving food in an airtight container (pressure cooker) in which its contents are sealed in this container to make it preserved and canned properly.

These are the main points that need to be followed when Using A Pressure Cooker For Canning and it is possible if you have the best pressure cookers for canning.

1.Identify The Canner Or The Cooker

This is one of the critical aspects to be kept in mind to spot the ideal object to be used. If one intends to preserve their favorite food ingredients, they must know the canner well.

Not necessarily all the varieties of pressure cookers are equipped with the distinctive element of the canner. Therefore the users need to search for the specific variant, including the port racks to be placed in the bottom and, most notably, with a pressure gauge allowing the free flow of pressure while canning.

2. Place Water On The Canner

This is a straight jump from understanding the canner to start working on it finally. Some of the actions to fill water are as follows.

1: Step  Take the canner and place the vent stands in the base

2: Step Fill water up to less than half or mid of the canner

3: Step Add rather cold water


3. Get The Jars To Be Placed Inside


These jars are containing the food ingredients inside and need to be made free of any contamination, and therefore some of the measures to put them carefully are

Step 1: If the canner is big enough, place all of the jars in two segments. This will do the job at a single time without doing it separately two times

Step 2: Keep in mind to fix it firmly to each other to reduce damage


4. Set On The Heat


This is a simple step to be carried outside to warm up the canner. If it is the stovetop canner, start the cooker, set the canner on it, and keep a simmer mode. On the other hand, if it is an electrical canner, plug it and turn on the start button and begin heating the canner to proceed with canning on the pressure cooker.


5. Attach The Canner Lid


This appears to be an essential step to be followed carefully. The users are required to affix the lid to the canner as per the marks being indicated on it. They need to ensure that the canner is closed tightly to determine that the pressure builds up entirely with no leakage.


6. Set On The Stress As Required By The Food At The Jars


This is to be confirmed by the users to maintain a required pressure on the food being canned for too far off pressure built up may lead to crumbling of the components.

Likewise, if the pressure is kept more minor than required, the food in the jars might not receive the required dose of pressure during the procedure.


7. Do Not Forget To Let Go Away The Pressure Or Depressurize Before Undoing The Canner


It takes 5 to 10 minutes to find the pressure released off entirely. It is required to keep an eye on the pressure gauge and wait to get it suggested with pressure level zero.

So, This assists in the safe opening up of the canner since it cool down the outer region of the canner for safe touch.


8. Unlock The Lid And Remove The Jars

It is important to take care of the lid. Unlock the lids and apply the clicks especially implanted for the purpose.

To remove the jars from the canner. The users may require special jar lifters to remove the jars which contain food indoors safely. It’s required to keep it shut for a while until it cools down completely until it’s ready to be open.

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